A real-time feed of events for your projects

LogSnag is a simple event tracking tool. It helps you easily track what is happening within your projects, creates custom feeds, and notifies you of important events.

Example of LogSnag on iPhone

As cross-platform as it gets.

LogSnag is truly cross-platform; every team member can use it, whether on the web, desktop, or mobile.

How does it work?

Make an HTTP request – that’s pretty much it.

Want a push notification?

Set “notify” to true

Got extra information?

Pass it in as “description”

Want a separate timeline?

Give each a name via “channel”
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 import axios from 'axios'; const headers = { Authorization: `Bearer ${TOKEN}`} const data = { project: "uber-for-cats", channel: "payments", event: "New Subscription", description: "Premium Plan - $9.99/mo", icon: "💸", notify: true } axios.post(URL, data, { headers: headers })

Why LogSnag?

"But I can just use slack to send events to myself!" Yeah, Bob, I can also use the microwave for cooking my steak, but there's a reason I go with the cast-iron skillet, you know?

LogSnag is easy to use!

We believe in minimal yet functional design. Simplicity and ease of use is our main feature.

Global timeline of all projects!

Keeping track of multiple projects can be a hassle, we combine them into a single feed for you.

It’s no-code ready!

We provide an ever-growing list of integrations for no-code services that you may use!