Monitor third-party outages with IsDown and LogSnag

Introducing isDown integration with LogSnag

If you are a developer of any kind, you probably have used at least one third-party service in your projects. These services can be anything from a CDN to a payment gateway. They are a great way to add features to your application without having to build them yourself. However, these services are not perfect and can go down from time to time. When this happens, your application will be affected and your users will be unable to use it.

This is where monitoring services come in. They are designed to monitor the status of third-party services and notify you when they go down. This way, you can take action and fix the problem before your users notice it.

In this article, I will show you how to set up and LogSnag to monitor third-party services and get notified when they go down.

What is IsDown?

IsDown is a status page aggregator that monitors the status of thousands of third-party services, creates a custom dashboard for you and has a LogSnag integration to notify you when a service goes down.

Start monitoring outages with IsDown

First, you need to create an account on IsDown. You can do that by visiting and clicking on the Sign up button.

Once you have created an account, you will be redirected to the dashboard. Here, you can add services to monitor. You can do that by clicking on the Add service button.

IsDown dashboard

Once you have added a service, you can see its status on the dashboard. Now, you can see the status of all of your services in one place without having to visit each service's status page. You will also get aggregated status updates, charts and a log of all the status changes.

Get notified when a service goes down

The main reason you are monitoring third-party services is to get notified when they go down. IsDown has a LogSnag integration that allows you and your team to get notified when the status of a service changes.

To set up the integration, first, you need to create a LogSnag account. You can do that by visiting LogSnag where you can sign up for a free account and create a new project.

Once you have your LogSnag account and project, head to the Notification Channels section on the IsDown dashboard. There, you can find the LogSnag integration. Enable the integration, and enter your LogSnag API key, project name and the channel that you want to send the notifications to.

IsDown LogSnag integration

Once you have enabled the integration, you will start receiving status updates in your LogSnag project. You may optionally check the Notify option to get push notifications on your phone and desktop as well.

LogSnag notification

IsDown insights in LogSnag

Lastly, IsDown also provides an insights integration with LogSnag. This allows you to see the status of your services in LogSnag. To enable the integration, you can simply check the Insights option on the IsDown integration page and the IsDown insights will be automatically added to your LogSnag project.

LogSnag Insights


In this article, I showed you how to set up IsDown and LogSnag to monitor third-party services and get notified when they go down. IsDown is a great service that allows you to monitor the status of thousands of third-party services in one place.

Feel free to try out our integration with IsDown and reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback.

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