Published on January 12, 2024

Revamped navigation, new integrations, and more.

Revamped navigation, new integrations, and more.

The app looks a little different this week! As we work towards releasing the stable version of LogSnag for SaaS, we have found that our navigation was not as intuitive and scalable as we would like it to be. So we have revamped the entire navigation and added new features to LogSnag.


New Navigation

In the new navigation, we have replaced the projects sidebar with categories and moved the projects to a new dropdown menu. This allows us to add more features to LogSnag without cluttering the navigation.

Currently, the categories are: Metrics, Events, Charts, Users, and Settings. Within each category, you will find the relevant pages. For example, within the Metrics category, you will find the summary, features, activation, and other similar metrics pages.


New Integrations

We have added new integrations for Remix and Astro. You can now use LogSnag with Remix and Astro without any additional setup. These integrations are currently available as beta and will soon be available as stable.

You can find the documentation for these integrations here: Astro and Remix.


New Features

Additionally, we have improved a number of features within LogSang. You now have the ability to remove certain channels from your project feed. This is useful if you have a noisy channel that you don't particularly care about on a granular level.

There is now a new Feedback button available across the entire application. This allows you to send us feedback about the application and suggest new features.

We have also fixed a number of bugs and improved the overall performance of the application.