Published on June 1, 2023

What are channels in LogSnag?

Similar to projects, channels are also containers for logs. However, channels are used to group logs based on their type. For example, you can create a channel for payment logs and another for authentication logs. This way, you can easily filter logs based on their type. Channels belong to a project and you an create as many channels as you want in a project. Let's see how to create a channel.


Go to your project.

This tutorial assumes that you have already created a project. If you haven't, you can follow the create a project tutorial to create one.


Click on the + button

Inside the project menu, you will see a + button located next to the channels heading. Click on it and you will see a modal to create a channel.


Enter the channel name

Enter the name of the channel you want to create. For example, if you want to create a channel for payment logs, you can enter payment as the channel name. Channel names must be unique within a project and can only contain lowercase letters and dashes. For example, payment-logs is a valid channel name but payment_logs is not.


Click on the create button

Once you have entered the channel name, click on the create button. You will see your newly created channel in the project menu. You can now start sending logs to this channel.