Monitor failed logins in your C# application

LogSnag makes it easy to track your C# application and monitor failed logins.

Most C# applications require some form of authentication for users to access the application. This is a common practice to ensure that only authorized users can access the application and prevent security issues such as API abuse. These authentication methods can be implemented in various ways, but the most common are basic authentication, Social logins (Google, Facebook, etc.), and more.

With either method, we commonly have to deal with failed logins, be it due to incorrect credentials or other reasons, such as someone trying to brute-force the login. In such cases, monitoring failed logins and taking action depending on the situation is crucial. For example, suppose we notice a user repeatedly falling to login. In that case, we can take action to reach out to them and offer help, or in cases of brute-force attacks, we can take immediate action to block the user's IP address, notify the targeted user, and more.

Here at LogSnag, we have worked on a powerful solution for monitoring and tracking problems. We have created LogSnag, a powerful, real-time event tracking tool that works seamlessly with C#. We have made it trivial to set up real-time event tracking for anything important within our applications. In addition, we provide powerful features that let us take event tracking to the next level and do things like creating user journeys, analytics, insights, and more.

For example, in the case of failed logins, we can set up LogSnag to track failed attempts and notify our team when we observe unusual behavior. This way, we can always be aware of the security of our application and take immediate action if needed.

Setting up LogSnag

  1. Sign up for a free LogSnag account.
  2. Create your first project from the dashboard.
  3. Head to settings and copy your API token.

C# code snippets

To track failed logins, you can use the following code snippet Please ensure to replace YOUR_API_TOKEN with your API token and update the project and channel names.

Using C# with RestSharp

C# integration details

We believe that event tracking should be simple and accessible to every developer and team. Therefore, we have worked hard to create the next generation of event-tracking tools. As a result, LogSnag is flexible and easy to use, making it a great companion for your C# applications.

We would love to see you use LogSnag to track every aspect of your C# application. So please give us a try and let us know what you think!

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